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Masonry Services

What We Provide

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Masonry Service

Turn Your Idea into

a Beautiful Reality

Concrete, Stucco

Buildings, Schools, Churches, Offices, Malls, Stores. 

Basement Renovations

Dry-wall, Taping, Plaster

We do patios,  porches,  walkways, and customized masonry projects. Quality craftsmanship

and attention to detail 

Satisfaction guaranteed

We do all kind of  stucco to interior and exterior walls, ceilings, and partitions of buildings and structures. Click here to

schedule a free estimate. 

From an small bar addition, a medium job or a complete basement remodeling and basement refinishing Alfredo Painting is here for you. 

Exterior House Remodeling
Plastering and Drywall
Interior Painting 01
House painting
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Interior Painting 03
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Give Your Property the New Look it Deserves!

Painting FAQs

When should you not paint your house? Don't paint on hot days, in the rain or during windy weather. Ideal temperatures for painting are between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot weather causes the paint to dry too quickly, as does direct sun. When possible, wait for the shade.

How many coats of paint should you paint a house? Two coats is typically all that's needed, if you're painting over a well-prepped, primed surface. This is particularly true if you are painting a dark color over a lighter, existing one, as you're guaranteed to have good coverage.

Do house painters clean walls before painting? Yes, professional painters clean walls before painting. Cleaning and preparing the wall surface will ensure that your paint job lasts longer and looks better. This involves removing dust, dirt, and old paint chips, applying caulk or putty to cracks in the wall surfaces as well as priming them for optimal results.

Can I paint over old paint on a house? If the existing paint is of the same type and the wall is in good condition, you can go ahead and paint without sanding. However, when it comes to wood, you may have to sand for proper adhesion. However, you can also skip the sanding process and make do with a primer

How long does it usually take to paint a whole house? An average-size house will take an average of three to four days to paint with a team of two to three people. In this case, average means a home with one to two stories and four or fewer bedrooms. A large house, such as a three-story or five-plus-bedroom home, will take five to six days.

How long should it take one person to paint a house? When you think about calculating the average time it takes to complete interior painting, usually it's a room per day per house painter. So, if you have an average sized home of 1,500 – 2,000 square feet, it will take 3 – 5 days to complete interior painting.

What to expect from a professional painter? 5 Things to Expect from a Professional Painter Expert Colour Advice Proper Surface Preparation Painting Skills and Experience The Right Materials and Equipment Outstanding Results

Can I use Dawn to wash walls before painting? According to the experts, when cleaning before painting, you only need warm water and a little dish soap for greasy kitchen walls. If you have stubborn spots that are not responding, you can use one of the cleaners they recommend, based on paint finish: Flat or matte paint: White vinegar or plain water

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